TBMP Meets: Dee Ajayi

We met up with a rising star in UK soul (and Music Potential alumni), Dee.

The first-time Music Potential met Dee Ajayi, she was a quiet yet confident aspiring musician who dreamt of being on stage performing her songs to the world. Today Dee (just Dee…as Beyoncé is just Beyoncé) is a rising star who performs in some of London’s most elite and established venues. She has also recently been announced as a Music Potential Youth Ambassador for 2017.

Dee, welcome back to Capital XTRA’s Music Potential HQ – great to have you back!

Always lovely to be here. Thank you!

When you joined Music Potential in 2015, you’ve said that it made you honestly believe you can make a career out of being a musician?

Yeah, that’s right. Prior to that, music had always been with me somehow – whether it be writing a poem and trying to turn it into a song or performing on stage in a musical theatre. But I just never thought it could be a real job. I didn’t have faith that I could actually turn my passion into a career.

But Music Potential turned that on its head. I don’t care if it sounds cliché because its true, they opened my eyes to the world of music!

That’s lovely Dee! So, what was it about Music Potential that made you feel this way?

The teacher that taught me about songwriting had a lot to do with it, so were the people in my group. They motivated me and fed me such positive and amazing stuff all the time.

Also, putting me on the stage at KOKO theatre with my own band was a huge influencer. So, it wasn’t just one thing, it was the whole experience.

It was the whole package, that’s great. During your time at Music Potential, what was the best training that you received?

I’d say the songwriting. I loved songwriting because I used to create poetry but it was interesting to learn how to transform a poem into a song. We had Jacob Banks come one day and it was fascinating to hear how such a talented songwriter worked his magic.

I also enjoyed the performance classes but I am a drama queen, so I knew all about performing anyway!

Music Potential’s UNLEASHED is like a dream for most performers, you have your own band, you have an audience – you’re a star for the day! How did that feel?

You’re so right! Can you believe I didn’t even let it get to me until I arrived and I saw other stars just mingling and walking around? Stormzy was there, Melissa Steel, all of them – just watching me perform. It was amazing!

So, since Music Potential, what has been happening?

A lot! I have been picked up by a music agency and now I perform in some of London’s top locations every week. I am very grateful because I am now making a living doing what I enjoy.

That’s awesome! We are also aware that you have a very busy year planned?

Yes. I am currently rehearsing my very own live EP, I’m writing a produced EP and I have just been put in contact with a scout from Atlantic Records who has asked me to create an EP so he can pitch it to his people. So, we are two songs in that project, and in the process of recording the third one.

The future sounds very exciting. How did all this come together?

Thank you! You know, I have just been chasing! I did what was right at the time, I wrote songs and rehearsed. It is all just baby steps and looking back to see how far you have come.

What advice would you give to people who are considering joining Music Potential this year?

Just do it! Don’t be scared, get your name down because you have no idea how many doors it opens for you.

Also, have a smile on your face! People have approached me and worked with me because I enjoy smiling and try to be nice. So, have a smile on your face!

Where can we find you on social media?

My biggest platform is Instagram, but in terms of sharing my music, everything is still coming to place, so I have chosen not to release anything for now.

Thanks, Dee. 

Thanks a lot, Music Potential.

Dee is one of the two Music Potential Youth Ambassadors for 2017, the second ambassador is Duplex. Check out his interview with us. 

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