The Power of Social Media

Rising Star, Rachel Onilude, offered us insight into the importance of social media. Here’s what she found out:

You may be asking yourself how you can transform your social media accounts into powerful promotional tools. Social media can often influence what we think, feel and act and is used by people of all ages and backgrounds. For media figures, social media is important in promoting their work including new music, tours, charity events, movies and merchandise, strengthening their fan base in the process.

As technology has evolved, we are now able to track our social media analytics which helps us to see who has viewed our posts, in addition to factors like their age, class, gender and job type. Analytics are accessible on almost all social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The use of analytics can be crucial in discovering your target audience and can potentially help you cater to a wider audience through the content you post online.

Promoting yourself as an artist on social media isn’t just a part-time thing. It can take an intense amount of work to gain a solid support system, so here are some steps and advice to help you with this:

Build your contacts

An increased number of contacts creates a bigger platform which makes the process of showcasing your work much easier.

Always aim to develop yourself

Do not be content with what you produce. If you know you can do better, fulfil your potential! You never know who may be checking out your profile…

Building relationships

Building relationships helps you to grow your network and grow as an artist. Connect with artists you like and are interested in, you never know – it could lead to collaboration. Collaborating with other artists can also help you to gain new contacts and supporters, which is a key tool in the creative industry.


Promoting yourself as an upcoming artist is a requirement, but to maintain and build on a solid fan base, keep your supporters entertained by posting regularly.

Connect with your supporters

Connecting with supporters creates a loyal fan base and likability factor on your part, which is a helpful tool for success.

Be yourself

When promoting yourself as an artist, being genuine is crucial. You may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but you’ll be respected for staying true to yourself.

Use popular platforms

Social media platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat have gained worldwide popularity, so aim to get a large following on these platforms to rapidly increase your social media following.

The drastic change in the world over the last twenty years has empowered us to be more in control than ever before. So, let’s use this freedom to benefit us positively. Good luck!