RJ’s Music Potential Experience

RJ told us how Music Potential helped him start his radio presenting career!

We’ve been working with young people across the UK to unleash their potential and develop their talent. We’ll be highlighting some of the successful journeys of our Music Potential Graduates. Here’s RJ’s Music Potential Experience…


Before MPX

I studied Media Production at College and found my passion was in media and, in particular, Radio. I continued to study Media at University, which helped me develop my understanding and knowledge of the media, but gradually I knew my passions laid in Radio presenting. I undertook work experience at independent radio stations but hadn’t really found the opportunity I was looking for.

During MPX

I met some amazing people and I was able to explore all different avenues of radio. It allowed me to learn how to present and develop my radio presence. One of the main highlights of MPX was the level of advice and support for my own personal development shown by the tutors, peers and mentors. I attended the networking session at Global HQ and I was able to speak to industry professionals and, luckily enough, I received an industry mentor who helped me nurture my skills.

After MPX

Since MPX, I have been co-presenting a weekly breakfast radio show with my mentor and I have started my own podcast. Music Potential has developed my presenting skills, given me more confidence in building relationships but the main lesson I have learnt is that anything is possible. If you want to anything bad enough, it will happen. You have to really ask yourself what you need to do to get where you want to be and do it!