TBMP Meets: Sasha Brown

The pop star, Sasha Brown is releasing her new single ‘Parallel’. We caught up with the star to discuss how it’s all going

Following support from legendary DJ Pete Tong and underground tastemakers Rinse FM, Sasha Brown is ready to release her debut single, ‘Parallel’.

Performing at Old Spitalfields Market (as part of the Hoxton Radio Takeover), The Secret Garden Party, Tape London and a sold out show at The Roundhouse, Sasha enchants audiences with electropop/soul sound.

Sasha Brown

Sasha, thanks for joining us!

Thanks for having me!

So, before we get to discussing your new single and career as a radio presenter, you’ve worked with Big Music before haven’t you? Through Music Potential?

That’s right! So a couple of summers ago, I did the music business course with Music Potential which gave me an insight into the industry. As an artist, it’s important to understand the business side of music.

Following that, I’ve come to do a couple of things for Capital FM.

Okay cool. Right now, you’re currently a host at Hoxton Radio?

Yeah, I’ve done that for the past year which I’ve loved. Before that, I was a radio presenter and producer on Burst Radio which is Bristol Uni’s radio. I also worked at Heart Radio for six months during my second year of University.

Nice, those are pretty cool jobs!

They were so much fun! It was actually at University that I started thinking about a career in radio. Beforehand, it never came to mind.

How did you get into Hoxton Radio?

Haha- funny story. I do this waitressing thing to get some extra money on the side.  They put us in quite cool events so I ended up at the Rolling Stones Saatchi Gallery event which is pretty cool.  The next day, I was on social media and saw there were a couple of radio presenters from Hoxton at the event!

I used my initiative and messaged David, who runs Hoxton Radio saying, ”I was at this event the other night with one of your presenters, it was a really cool event etc, here’s my new single, will you play it?”  To my surprise, he invited me in for a chat with him. I went in for a chat and I ended up being on two of the shows each week. After a couple of months, there was a slot available and David asked if I wanted my own radio show. Now for me, there’s a much bigger vision than just being a singer/songwriter, and it all falls under music.

Oh really? So what actually inspired you to get into music, to begin with?

I’ve always wanted to work in music. My grandma has always been into music. I grew up doing musicals, I’d watch Oliver Twist every day of my life when I was four!  I was obsessed with Abba at the time, so I had the Gold album. I couldn’t read music, but I got my teacher to write out every single note so I could play the album!


Aww, bless your teacher for all that dedication! So….we listened to your single yesterday and we thought it was amazing!  It really does click with what’s out there today! Really exciting stuff!

Thanks, Big Music! I have been getting really good feedback so I am super keen to get it released!

You should be, this could be very big! Who were your influences?

My influence has been music in general, I listen to everything. At the moment, I’ve gone back to the old Ne-Yo and Usher albums, I’m obsessed with them again! But, I grew up on big singers/songwriters like Carol King, Tina Turner and Abba.

What was your creative process when releasing this single? 

Every day was different. Sometimes I’ll go into the studio and I’ll have the main hook in my head and then we’ll build something around that. Sometimes it’s quite nice to go in with nothing. One of the biggest things I’ve learnt is that you should never shut down an idea because it always moves on to a next idea. When I got in the studio to write ‘Parallel’, we were chatting about the world. I remember Jason saying ”

When I got in the studio to write ‘Parallel’, we were chatting about the world. I remember someone saying “the world is messed up right now and it’s hard to get into relationships – even though they should work”. Behind the song, there’s a frustration about why two people, moving in the same direction, can’t come together.

I think that’s really cool and very relatable.

Thanks- I think so too. It is something we all experience.

Definitely. This isn’t you first actual track though is it?

Well, it is my first track, but I have been featured on other tracks before.

I was in Ibiza a couple of years ago where I met these guys all dressed in black – one of them was a guy called Nathan Barato. We got talking and ended up staying in touch. I remember him sending me a track with a note that said “top-line this”.  So I recorded the next day at the Roundhouse and sent over a demo that I thought was quite good at the time. I heard nothing from Nathan for a while.

A couple weeks later, I had an idea, I took my iPhone and recorded the idea for Nathan, sent it over. Two days later, he messaged me back saying “track’s cut, Jamie Jones loves it, we’re releasing it at “Hot Creations”

OMG Awesome! How did you feel? That’s an amazing achievement!

Haha I know, it was awesome, really really cool.It shows the power of networking and keeping in touch with the people you meet. Honestly, a lot of my networks and contacts have been made or at least started through social media.

As an independent artist, my network is my key to success.

We hear that you are also working with Duplex on the remix to you single?

That’s right! Duplex and I met at Music Potential which is great. It’s been a really nice place to connect with people.

That’s good! So what would be one piece of advice you’d give to people in Music Potential trying to get into the music industry?

I would say focus 100% on the music because that’s the most important thing, but a lot of it is about your network as well! You’re only as good as your music and your network.

In the past, I’ve literally stalked producers just to try and get them to work with me and sometimes it has worked, sometimes it hasn’t, but keep going and stay motivated.

Really cool advice. So, Sasha, we’re in the middle of festivals season, what festival would you like to headline one day? 

Headlining Glastonbury! ‘Adele, Ed Sheran & Sasha Brown’ would be awesome!

Haha-Nice! We hear that you are dropping a hot music video very soon?

Yeah, that’s right! I’ve created a music video for my single which is a collaboration between myself and Charli Cohen which will be out in a couple of weeks.

We look forward to that! Finally, what’s on your current playlist?

Haha- it’s literally the biggest mishmash right now! Ne-Yo’s ‘Because of You’, Jax Jones has a new single out which is awesome, I always like Odesza because it’s always a feel-good vibe, Tove Lo is cool, I’ve been listening to The Black Eyed Peas before Fergie. It’s literally the biggest mix!

Wow, that’s awesome! Well Sasha,  thank you very much for your time and good luck with the single release! 

Thanks for having me Big Music!

For more information on Sasha, check out her website. Also, follow the pop star on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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