Shanice’s Music Potential Experience

Find out how Music Potential helped Shanice get back into music and create a huge project!

We’ve been working with young people across the UK to unleash their potential and develop their talent. We’ll be highlighting some of the successful journeys of our Music Potential graduates. Here’s Shanice’s Music Potential experience…

Before MPX

Before I had my daughter, I had a Youtube channel, did live performances and had independent studio sessions. It was nothing too big,  just trying to get my name around Manchester. I regret not going to other cities to promote myself though. I then fell pregnant in 2014 and had my daughter in 2015. I didn’t really do much music that year because my motherly role took over. Music Potential came along after this which opened up a lot of doors for me to promote my music.

During MPX

I learnt a lot on the business side of the industry with companies like PRS and PPL. I was also taught about distribution and how to approach different companies with my music. I never really thought that knowing the business side would be useful but it ended up being an important thing to learn. Plus, knowing things like the best software for creating music was also useful. I went to Music Potential as a singer but got to put my fingers in different pies. I got to do a bit of DJing, radio and acting work. It broadened my mind into different ways of getting into the industry.

After MPX

In August, I released an independent film on my YouTube channel about domestic violence. I’ve received quite a positive response. I’m proud of this because knowing it has helped even one person is all that I wanted from my project. I’ve had girls messaging me about their situations and companies wanting me to do workshops with them next year to speak about my intentions for this project.

The intention of this project was to help young girls, aged 16-21. The reason why I targeted girls this age with the movie was that at the age of 16, you begin to experience your first relationships and your negative experiences can cause you to believe they’re normal, so the aim was to raise awareness for young girls so they can spot the signs before it even happens.

I’m also working on a 14-track promotional album to release for free as a marketing tool to promote my name. Dropping out of the music scene in this day and age is something you can’t afford to do because there is always someone that’ll take your place. Even being off social media for one day can affect your career because somebody else has released something which becomes the next big thing. It’s all about consistency and keeping on top of what you want to achieve.

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