Think the Creative Industry is Not for You? Think Again!

The creative industry has infiltrated the world! Whether that’s through the music we hear, the adverts we see, or even through the clothes we choose to wear.

The creative sector has infiltrated the world! Whether that’s through the music we hear, the adverts we see, or through the clothes, we choose to wear. It has become an integral part of our daily lives. As it has grown, it has become a major employer!

Despite this, creatives are often seen as a small group of geniuses with some form of crazy artistic talent. Whilst this may be true for the few, overall the creative industry is possibly one of the most accessible and accepting sectors to get involved in. It’s all just a case of finding your place within it. Here is how!

Let’s talk STEM

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths. Subjects that couldn’t seem further from what you’d expect in the creative industry. But if these are your forte, good news, there are loads of jobs available for you!

Skills like coding, programming, and financial management are seriously in demand across all sectors. So, if you’re good with numbers and computers, you have the edge.

As well as this, science subjects can open a lot of doors in the creative sector. From being able to work as a medical illustrator, to being a textile designer in the fashion industry.

Business and Management

At degree level, courses in business and management seem to be one of the most popular options, with students generally preparing for a career in the city. But what if that outcome isn’t for you?

The creative industry works like all other sectors in the sense that they still require people to make sure they are a healthy business and to devise business strategies. Whether that’s through working as a project manager for a new game development or being a radio station manager. The possibilities on this side of the creative sector are endless!

What about Social Sciences?

You often hear that social sciences are full of transferable skills, and they are. Skills, such as researching, can easily apply to jobs in the creative industry.

Combined with the knowledge gained from subjects like psychology, or even politics, if you are a social science guru, you can easily work in jobs within marketing, advertising or even HR where an understanding of people and current affairs is key.

Perhaps you have a knack for history? In which case, working in publishing or heritage could be your calling. Or for those who like economics, being a production buyer in TV or film might suit you well.

Not sure what you like?

Whether the ideas mentioned suit you or not, the creative industry is full of opportunities, so take advantage and immerse yourself!

You might not be a world-class artist or chart breaking singer but that does not mean that working in the creative industry is not within your reach.

If you are ready to jump head-on into the creative industry, be sure to check out our jobs board for the latest opportunities in the sector.

This article was written by our very own rising star, Yasmeen. She was chosen out of hundreds of applicants. If you feel like you are the next big thing in journalism, be sure to apply today!