Time Management 101

Time Management is an important skill to have and can help you with work, studies or just life in general! Here’s our advice on how to manage your time effectively!

It’s September! Summer is over and we’re back to school or college or uni or work or job hunting! It’s hard to get out of Netflix Binge mode and back into a work setting, but we’re here to help! It doesn’t matter what you are doing, time management is one of (if not THE) most important thing to make sure you are productive and get stuff done! Here’s our top tips on time management!


Get an Early Start

Getting on top of your workload early is a great start to managing your time! Set your alarm early and have a set routine. This will help you to think and plan properly as you are fresh and have the whole day ahead of you. This extra time also helps you to finish off work from the previous day before you get stuck into your new tasks!

Schedule your Week

Creating a simple ‘to-do’ list can go a long way! This can then be slotted into a timetable, blocking out certain periods of time for different tasks. This helps you make sure you aren’t spending too much time on a certain task and setting yourself a time limit will improve your pace. Create a list of what needs to be completed for the week. Time management tools such as Wunderlist are designed to help you organise to-do lists. Once you’ve scheduled your work, emphasize the key points, update it daily and make sure you stick to your deadlines to make sure you are on top of everything.

Apps and Tools

There are many effective apps and tools designed to help you manage your workload. Apps such as MyLifeOrangaized helps you manage your tasks, to-do list and goals. Toggl is another app designed for time management which tracks how much time is spent on different tasks and projects. There are lots of other apps that can help you with your time management tasks such as note-taking with Evernote or focus your attention on the research you need online with Pocket.


One of the biggest steps in managing your time is being able to prioritise your workload! Focus on what are the most important tasks and avoid spending too much time on easier tasks which consume your time and leave you rushing at the end of the day.

Take a Breather

When the productive juices are flowing, it is sometimes hard to stop and take a break but having a break from work or study is important for your well-being as well as time management. Having too much to do and not enough time can cause stress you out and leave you flustered! Always have set break times to allow your mind and body time to unwind and recharge. Once you are feeling fresh, you can get stuck in again!

Don’t Procrastinate

We’ve all been there… “I’ll do that tomorrow” or “I’ll try it next week”. Don’t put things off, take action now! Don’t just sit there when there is tasks to complete. Put your Twitter notifications on mute! Get rid of all distractions and live in the ‘now’!

Now that you have the basics, try them out! Good time management skills will go a long way and are so important for any job you go for! If you have any time management tips or apps you’d like to share, let us know on Twitter!