Top Tips For Writing Your Personal Statement


Personal Statements are used for a variety of reasons throughout your life. Whether it’s for your CV, applying for university or even applying for one of The Big Music Project Internships, a good personal statement is key to helping you get ahead.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of our top tips for completing a personal statement.

1. Research

The Golden Rule of all job applications is that each job role is different and that each company is looking for different things. Research helps you identify what a certain recruiter or university is looking for. If it’s for a job position, research the company, what the role might entail and the skills you need to carry out those duties. If you are writing a personal statement for university, you should research the university, and the modules and subjects covered throughout the course. Once you’ve identified what you need to cover, you can match your skills and experience to the role or course.

2. Plan

Planning is a crucial step in most written exercises. If you have researched your desired role or course, you can now complete a list of the skills and topics you need to cover. This will help you decide what points are most important and can also help with the editing process at the end. You should also try to decipher how long your personal statement should be. For example, your UCAS personal statement would be a lot longer than the short paragraph personal statement that you can include in your CV.

3. Don’t waffle

Although personal statements can vary in length, it is always a good idea to try keep it concise and to the point. You want a recruiter to quickly identify that you have the skills they are looking for and that you have relevant experience. If it’s too difficult to find this information the recruiter may miss it or even lose interest in your application. Remember, they have lots of applications to wade through, not just yours.

4. Explain how this fits into your long term plan 

What better way to show your enthusiasm and passion for a role than to demonstrate how this job could help you reach your long term career goal. Highlighting how the role will help you develop and aid you towards reaching your dream job can demonstrate ambition, drive and can be a good opportunity to show your knowledge of the skills required for this role.

5. Check & recheck! 

Always proofread your entire application before sending, at least twice. This will help you spot any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. Try get a family member or friend to read your application before sending it off, as they may pick up on mistakes that you’ve missed.

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