A Day in the Life of a Wales Millenium Centre Intern

Here’s Ezra who works as an intern at Wales Millenium Centre.

The Big Music Project has part-funded several music industry internships and we are aiming to inspire and create incredible opportunities for young people from across the country who want to get into the music business. We’re sitting down with each of our interns to find out how they’re getting on! Here’s Ezra who works as an intern at Wales Millenium Centre.

Hi Ezra, How’s it going!?

All good Big Music, welcome to Cardiff!

Thanks Ez, we love it here! So, how long have you been in your role here for?

Well, I have been in this role for just over 2 months now. Time flies!

It certainly does! So when you get into work in the morning, what’s the first thing you do?

The first thing I do is sign into my computer and check my emails and calendar to know my aims for the day.

You sound like a man of structure! Haha. Talk us through your day-to-day tasks.

Oh I am! Ha. Generally, I am speaking to people from around the centre about Radio Platfform and our aims as a station. But I also curate events and sort out the station’s needs.

Okay cool. Tell is what your favourite thing you do each day is?

For me, each day is different, but my favourite part is when the station has it’s young trainees in and the space is looking lively. I also really enjoy the work I do in Grassroots Youth Centre on a Wednesday because I can tell that every track I’ve recorded has meant so much to the artists.

That’s really nice! So you have worked on a few projects – what were they all about and what did you like and dislike about them?

I’ve really liked working on the radio platform project because I can work my show and be aware of the station elsewhere and help to take control of the station on behalf of young people.

Yeah, nice! What kind of challenges do you face day-to-day?

My biggest challenges day to day has been deciding the priorities for the day. I think I have done well at this but my priorities and centre priorities are very different.

Organisation and setting pririties takes a bit of practise. You’ll be fine! What have you learnt about the world of work?

I’ve learnt that working can be difficult but achievable. I have also found out that I am very capable of working in a mixture of environments as I have worked in retail and on building sites in the past. Working in an office is very different again.

I think anyone that works in an office can relate to their first time working in an office. What advice would you give to other people looking to apply for internships?

That it is worth your time and effort as the experience is strong enough that you learn so much more about yourself as well as about the working world. Also, it looks very strong on a CV! I would also avise intenrs to not feel like their the smallest person in the room because their an intern. Your knowledge in certain areas could potentially be greater than others and a fresh mind with fresh ideas might actually be what the company needs.

That’s great advise. A lot of employers look for interns to provide them with fresh idea’s. What shall we expect from you next Ezra?

I have been considering applying for university although I didn’t think I wanted to at the start of the internship. I would also like to continue on my radio platform and maybe consider a background job in television.

That sounds like a tidy future ahead! In an ideal world, where will you be in five years time?

Working abroad 100%!

Okay nice! Don’t forget about us when you are a radio personality in a sunny spot somewhere! Thanks Ezra!

Haha, I won’t! Thanks Big Music.

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