Watch our Big Music MasterClass on Marketing 101

Global Radio marketing experts give us an insight into all things marketing and branding.

Big Music MasterClass 101

If you have a passion for music and are looking to break into marketing, you do not want to miss this Big Music MasterClass! For our ‘Marketing 101’ MasterClass, we’ll be giving you an insight into all things branding and marketing.

Here is who makes up the panel:

Callum Clark:

Callum is Marketing Manager for Capital and Capital XTRA. Callum loves pushing the boundaries of what is possible with marketing and looking at how he can get the most out of new formats and make existing traditional formats stand out in a way that is relevant to both the audience and to the brand.

Sarah O’Brien:

Across her career so far, Sarah has marketed hundreds of tours and lots of festivals. She’s currently working within the new live touring division at Global, single headedly running the marketing for their music tours across the UK. She’s always on the lookout for the next big thing, in both marketing and music!

Laura Hollis:

Laura is Marketing Manager for Radio X, Smooth and LBC at Global HQ in London.  Graduating from Exeter University in Drama her passion always has, and always will be the audience and how to communicate with them effectively to achieve optimum results.

Watch the full MasterClass below:


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