What’s Next for Contemporary Upper Winner Aina More?

If our competition final proved anything, it was that the future is bright for British music. We witnessed so much amazing talent on one stage and don’t envy our panel for having to decide on the winners, but a decision had to be made. We’ve chatted to each of our winners one-on-one to find out all about their experiences and what’s next for them.

First up, we spoke to Aina More who won the prize for the contemporary upper age group. Her performance was a theatrical piece of rap, featuring some spoken word. Our panel LOVED it and likened her to Lauryn Hill. It was a powerful piece that made the audience stop and listen to its important message.

aina more

What does winning The Big Music Project Competition mean for you?

“It means I have more belief in my artistic vision. To have won based on what I believe is true art is very motivating and has given me the confidence to run with more of my ideas. Im still taken back by all the feedback.”

Are you excited about recording at Abbey Road? What are you planning to record?

“I’m over excited! Im planning to record some of the music I’ve written and tried to save up to get professionally produced. It’s amazing to know I’ll be recording great music at a great studio, I’m looking forward to the experience but also learning about the way in which sound is produced there.”

What was your favourite moment competing in The Big Music Project Competition?

“It was after the first heats, receiving feedback from the judges about myself and my two friends who played with me (Camile Reid and Rhianna Dover). We were just friends jammin’ and doing my music and doing what we love, but to hear that people understood the wider vision of the music and our connection was heartwarming in a way I can’t explain.”

We loved your performance at the final, and thought it was really different. What would you say is the difference between spoken word and rap?

“Thank you. (Very much). For me personally, I believe they’re very similar and can be the same in theory BUT with that said, the distinct difference would be that Rap follows a pattern, a beat if you like whereas Spoken Word is more free and although it can be put to music, it doesn’t need to follow the music.”

What was the inspiration behind your performance at the final?

“I come from a background of Physical Theatre so I love performance and as an individual I sometimes don’t talk but still want to be understood. I have realised that not everyone takes in Lyrics, people learn and experience things in different ways so to me its important to give an experience that can be enjoyed in different forms of medium.

The concept itself was about individuals feeling lost in the system and us as wider society, forgetting that we’re all human and the most important thing (often ignored) is human feeling, emotion and interaction.”

The judges likened you to Lauryn Hill, how do you feel about that comparison?

“That’s absolutely amazing. Honestly I don’t like being compared to other artists as I feel like people ought to be taken directly for what/who they. However, a comparison to Lauryn Hill makes me want to take that statement back! She is amazing and I hold her up as a quintessential Hip-Hop Artist, in fact she’s a quintessential Artist full stop – to be compared to her means I must be on the right track.”

What’s next for Aina More?

“My E.P FPWSAS (For People With Short Attention Spans) which will be out in March, my recent Video (Ambience) is taken from the EP.

It’s a  journey and hope I go to places that everyone can relate to at some point. Beyond that there’s my first album which I’m working on and I’m doing a lot more performance which I encourage people to come and see!”

We’re expecting BIG things from Aina More and can’t wait to hear her E.P so remember that name! We’ll be interviewing the rest of our winners over the next few days, so watch this space!

Check out her performance from the final: